Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My life is full of planning right now, and I love it.  It makes my Type A personality very happy!  I spent the long weekend getting my Christmas decorations down, reorganizing, de-cluttering, and assembling our new play room.  The play room used to be a lovely sun room, but it just wasn't practical as Peyton grew...and her toy collection grew.  It's in the best location and I can see her from the family room, living room, and kitchen.  I still need to work on the back of the house, but I'm making progress. 

So what, may you ask, am I planning?  Well several things...we have a few dinners with friends coming up that I'm excited about, and I'm doing some selling at the Kids Exchange this year.  This really excites me because the room over our garage has gotten way out of control.  I've given away lots of Peyton's clothes, but there are still LOADS of clothes up there.  I've got a lot to do in the next 2 weeks, but I'm excited about the outcome!  However, the 2 biggies are our annual Ocracoke trip with the Brantley's and Peyton's 2nd birthday.  I can't believe I just said that!  Yes, I know I have months before either of these events, but I hate doing things last minute and I always give myself a long time to plan things like these out. 

With Ocracoke, we have to start planning in January for our late May/early June trip.  If you've ever been to Ocracoke (aka - the most wonderful place on Earth) then you know you have to book a house SUPER early because the island fills up fast starting in May.  Last year we stayed in an awesome 3 BR house, but we're going for a 4 BR this year since the kids are a little older.  This way both kids will have their own rooms.  We found an awesome house right in the middle of everything that I'm hoping will work out.  The best part...it's an ECU house, seriously it's purple with yellow trim!!! 

Then there's my beautiful, wild, funny, loving daughter's 2nd BIRTHDAY!  I can't believe it, she's 20 months old today (20 month post to follow shortly).  I love that her birthday is in May, it's the perfect time of year to have an outdoor party (weather permitting of course).  As of last night, I picked her party theme.  I'm not going with a character theme this year (we had an awesome Minnie Mouse theme last year), but it's something that she's going to L-O-V-E!  Etsy will be my BFF yet again this year for decorations, and I'm so excited. 

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  1. It's a shame we don't live closer because I would totally take the girl clothes off your hands haha! I am in party-planning mode too for Harper's third birthday in April!! So fun!