Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Another Day

We have 2 different living areas in our house.  We have what we call our "adult living room" where Edwin and I hang out after Peyton goes to bed.  It has the nice furniture and no toys in it.  Then we have the play living area, aka family room.  It's an extension of our kitchen and the sun room is right off it.  It's perfect because I can keep my eye on Peyton while I'm in the kitchen since most of her toys are in the living room and sun room.  In the family room we have an "L" shaped couch that Peyton loves to climb on.  There's a window behind part of the couch and she likes to look at the butterfly bush and see all the "Bah's" (that's Peyton-talk for butterfly, obviously). 

Last night I was sitting on one end of the couch responding to a text and Peyton was on the other end.  About 10 seconds later I hear "bah's, bah's, Mama, bah's".  I looked over and this is what I saw....

I guess she has the best view of the butterflies from a higher altitude.  That's my wild child!


  1. Hey there! It's Ashlynn.

    We stopped using the changing table not long after Harper was a year old for two reasons. First, he was SO tall he barely fit. Secondly, he was making diaper changing really difficult and it was safer for us to just change him on the floor.

    We still do warm milk before bed, but it is during Dora the Explorer at night. After he has his milk, he brushes his teeth and it really works for us because he knows that after Dora, it's time for bed. It's like he uses the TV show to tell time :) We still read books, but not every night. Most of the time it's during the day if I can get him to pay attention!

  2. I'm thinking of moving the changing table out soon myself. Peyton's super long and when she's in a fiesty mood, it's all I can do to keep her from rolling off the table! Thanks, and I hope you guys didn't get too much damage from the storm :)