Monday, August 22, 2011

A Zumba Kind of Weekend

We had a pretty low key weekend, which is a good thing.  We went out to 42nd St. Oyster Bar Friday night to celebrate a friend's birthday.  It had been a while since we spent time with them, so it was great to hang out for a while. 

Sunday we went out to breakfast, ran some errands, and my in-laws came over to visit for a while.  We played a lot and just enjoyed the day.

Yes, I know I skipped over Saturday.  Saturday involves some discussion.  I had a pretty busy Saturday afternoon.  My friend/neighbor was having a Thirty One party followed by a ladies pool party.  I went over for the Thirty One party, but couldn't stay for the "after party".  I had already committed to participate in zumba fundraiser for MS.  For those of you that follow my blog, you know I love to zumba.  I go to weekly classes and have a great time.  Well 2 of my friends from church told me about this fundraiser, and I was sold.  It was held at a nightclub and was 2 straight hours of zumba.  Yes, you read that correctly....2.STRAIGHT.HOURS.  This was a whole new level of zumba for me, it made the classes I go to look like kiddie zumba....and I loved every second.  There was a lot more dance incorporated, lots more club music, and it was about 10 x's more intense than what I've been taking (I'm talking dance one second, then down doing push ups the next).  There were 4 of us that went and I really couldn't believe I made it the entire 2 hours.  I felt so accomplished, not to mention it was for a great cause.  By the time I got home it was all I could do to put Peyton to bed, shower, and plop on the couch for the night.  Edwin ordered a pizza, we got a movie off Netflix, and had an at home date night.  By Sunday morning I was sore, but nothing compared to this morning!  My poor legs are killing me! 

Here's one of the routines we did, it was one of my favorites...

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