Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shoe Diva

It goes without saying that Peyton is a shoe diva like her Mommy.  She is constantly going in my closet and bringing me shoes.  She grabs one, brings it to me, says "Mama", then waits until I put it on.  Then she goes back and gets the match and does the same thing.  She knows which pair of shoes belongs to which person.  She does this to her Daddy, Pa Pa, and Nonnie as well. 

Back when Peyton was wearing size 3 shoes, I thought I'd be super prepared and buy several pair of size 4 shoes.  I planned ahead and figured she'd be walking by then (which she was) so I got some "early walker" shoes as well as some "experienced walker" shoes that are more sturdy. 

Out of nowhere (like really, overnight) none of Peyton's shoes fit her anymore...except sandals!  She was wearing them one day and the next her toes were crammed up in the ends.  Obviously I was not the super prepared Mommy for size 5's. 

Luckily I ordered these bady boys for Christmas (yes I have already started Christmas shopping and have made lots of progress!)...

and they should be arriving at our house today!  Obviously they won't be able to wait until Christmas, so I'll just have to order another pair even larger and wrap them up.  Seriously, what child doesn't need a pair of Converse All Star Hightops?! It's like a right of passage!!  I remember I had these exact shoes in purple, they were awesome!  I can't wait to see how stinkin cute she looks in them. 

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