Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Well this past weekend was Labor Day weekend.  We decided not to make any real plans, we just wanted to be home all together for once...no lake, no beach, no guests, nothing!  We had such a great time too!

Saturday - We took Peyton on her first Crabtree excursion, which was a success.  We went to the Disney store, did some shopping, and just enjoyed watching her.  Saturday night I decided to try a new recipe, which meant Daddy did bedtime (hmmmm).  So after Peyton had her squash and her bath, I got Edwin and Peyton situated in the nursery...lights out, curtains closed, fan on, bottle ready...and prayed for the best. 

Just a brief interruption...I always do bedtime and naps, so she doesn't do as well when Edwin tries especially when she knows I'm in the house!  Not to mention she's developed some serious Mommy attachment and won't let ANYONE else hold her if I'm there.  She prefers to laugh and talk to them from my arms...ok back to the weekend.

About 15 mins after I started cooking I heard lots of screaming and crying, so I gave in and rescued Daddy and had her to sleep in 5 minutes lol.  My dinner was awesome!  I made chicken lo mein and Edwin must have loved it too because we had no left overs!  We spent the rest of the night cozied on the couch watching a movie...it was great.

Sunday - Edwin worked in the yard and Peyton and I hung out.  We went to visit some friends of ours and their newborn little girl.  It was crazy to see how much bigger Peyton is than a newborn now!  It made me tear up a little, but I definitely don't miss a whole lot about those first 2 weeks!  Then we went by Nonnie and PaPa's to drop them off something and ended up hanging out over there for a while.  We went home, I cooked my awesome chicken enchiladas, got the munchkin to sleep, and just relaxed.

Monday - Edwin finished up yard work and I hung with my BFF again.  I was enjoying every second of that long weekend with her!  We loaded up and had a Labor Day cookout at my parents house.  Peyton got to see her great Grandma too :)  I think Monday was the peak of her Mommy attachment.  She wouldn't let anyone hold her for more than a few minutes before she started tearing up and reaching for me.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it though!  But she was our entertainment as always...laughing, talking, making hilarious faces...♥ her so much!

That was pretty much our whole weekend.  It wasn't action packed or super eventful, but it was great.  We need more weekends like that! 

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