Friday, September 17, 2010

No Fun

For the past 2 days I've been confined to the bed and/or couch and I'm sick of being sick!  Wednesday afternoon while I was in a training for work, I started feeling achy and I knew I had a fever.  It got progressively worse as the afternoon went on, and by the time I had Peyton down I felt like death!  Achy to the point that my eyeballs hurt, hot, cold, sweating, and nauseous.  Let me tell you, being a sick Mom is way harder than just being sick.  Not only because you still have this other person that needs you 24/7, but because I haven't been able to give her any kisses or play with her like I want to. 

I'm extremely lucky to have a husband that is willing to step in as soon as I need him.  For the past 2 days he has cooked dinner, helped me with Peyton, taken over bedtime duties, and did his best with the late night feedings so I could get as much sleep as possible.  Unfortunately Peyton is used to me doing those and she didn't adjust too well to Daddy doing it, so I ended up having to get up and get her back to sleep.  But I appreciated the effort! 

She's going through this phase where she eats between 2am and 4am (like usual), but instead of going right back to sleep she thinks it's play time!  So for the past week it has been taking us about 45 mins to get her back to sleep and THEN she's been waking up around 5:30am or 5:45am, what is that about?!  She rolls herself onto her back and is like "ok it's time to play"!  Lately I feel like I'm up flipping her back to her belly more than I'm sleeping!  I just have to remind myself that it's a phase and this too shall pass! 

So today is my 2nd full day of being home, which is driving me crazy!  I had a fever this morning, even though I was feeling better, so I decided it was best for me to stay home and rest.  "Rest" is the hard part for me, when I'm home I get so wrapped up in trying clean and do house work that I end up feeling worse!  But I'm determined to lay on the couch and not do too much so I can feel better for the weekend and spend some quality time with my little munchkin :)

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