Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Than I Could Have Asked For....

As if my Friday AND Saturday weren't amazing kept getting better.  We went to my parent's house Saturday night for an amazing dinner and HOMEMADE MILKY WAY ICE CREAM (my birthday request).  Not to mention I got some killer boots I had wanted and some shopping money just for me (I promised no baby clothes would be bought with that money)! 
THEN today my in laws came to visit and my husband made another killer meal for us and I got a gift card to do even more shopping!  I'm going to have to make myself take a baby and no husband...and do some serious fall/winter shopping.
If all of that isn't exciting enough, Peyton has her first tooth poking through!  She started teething at 12 weeks, and we're finally starting to see that first tooth...gosh she's getting so big :(  I knew something was up because she was very restless in her sleep last night.  She woke up crying around 10pm which is extremely odd for her.  I gave her some Tylenol and that seemed to do the trick, but she woke up at 5am (also extremely odd for her) thinking it was time to play!  Hopefully she'll sleep better tonight now that part of it has broken through!

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