Saturday, September 4, 2010

She's Definitely My Child!

Today we decided to take Peyton to Crabtree Valley Mall.  We took her to Triangle Town Center last week and she LOVED it, so we thought we'd try a different mall this weekend and hit up the Disney Store.  We were looking for a Special Agent Oso stuffed animal since that's her favorite show :) 

Once again, she LOVED the mall.  She was in awe the whole time we were there (that she was awake).  They didn't have an Oso toy there, but she did pick out a small Minnie Mouse that she held on to the entire trip.  She fell asleep about 30-40 mins into the trip and slept for about an hour then she woke up and was still super happy.  She loves when I show her different outfits and toys. 

It's getting easier and easier to take her places, which is so exciting.  She was out for almost 4 hours today and didn't fuss once.  She napped while we were out and talked and laughed constantly.  She's such a happy little girl (unless she's overtired, hungry, or her teeth are bothering her...all easily fixed).  I'm so incredibly blessed to have such a beautiful and amazing little girl.  I learn something new about her (and myself) every day!

There's no denying she's my child...she loves to shop just like Mommy :) 

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