Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Weekend

This weekend was so great.  It wasn't super exciting, but it was just what I needed to help me feel better during this nasty cold I have!

I left work early on Friday because I was so congested I literally couldn't function.  After a few doses of Mucinex spray (the best stuff on earth!) I could breathe again...well for a few hours.  I rested and laid around the house until about 4:30pm, when we went to pick up Peyton from Nonnie's.  I usually get her at 5:15pm on my way in from work, but I couldn't stand knowing she was so close and wasn't home with me!  Edwin did all of the house work and cooking Friday night...which only consisted of chicken noodle soup for me...while I got Peyton down for bed.  I was in bed by 9pm that night!

Saturday was going to be a jam packed day, so it's a good thing I got my rest on Friday.  Peyton woke at 6am and Edwin got up with her and let me sleep.  Whenever I get to "sleep in" my internal alarm clock always goes off right at 7:45am because Peyton always goes down for her 1st nap at 8am (when she wakes at 6am).  So I got up and cuddled with my girl and got her to sleep.  Then we got ourselves ready for my 10 year reunion picnic. 

*Now I was by no means "Susie High School" and really couldn't have cared less about my class reunion, but there were a lot of babies and Mommies I did want to see and I knew they would be at the picnic.*
I was a little nervous about the picnic because it was from 11am - 1pm...super, Peyton's nap time!  We got out there and my little social butterfly was all eyes!  She didn't know what to look at first...slides, kids, adults, swings...where to begin?!  She did great and smiled at everyone that talked to her.  She loved seeing the other babies and even dozed off in my arms for about 20 mins.  Around 12:45pm she started getting fussy (along with every other baby out there) so we headed home and got her down for a nap.  When she woke we made a WalMart run and she was ready to go down for ANOTHER nap!  I guess the day wore her out because she went down at 4:15pm and didn't wake until 5:50pm, after some "encouragement" from us. 
While she was napping, her boyfriend Owen came over to spend a few hours with us so his parents could go out on for his Mommy's birthday!  We all need date nights and they don't have any family around, so we were thrilled we could help out!  After waking Peyton up (she was NOT happy about this), she came in the living room to find her Mommy holding another baby (she was definitely NOT happy about this either)!  So we had to trade off for a little while until she figured out exactly what was going on.  Then we all went for a nice stroll.  Peyton spent the entire walk trying to grab Owen's face, arms, legs, anything!  We came back and let the 2 play together, and they were hilarious (see below for pics).  We got some hilarious video of Owen in Peyton's doorway jumper too!  Peyton went to bed around 7:15pm and Owen finally dozed off a little before 8pm.  We all had a great time!
When I woke up Sunday (after my amazing husband let me sleep again) I felt awful all over again.  I guess I wore myself out on Saturday and the pressure system outside wasn't helping things.  I had an awful headache, congestion, fever...just miserable.  Luckily we had zero plans for the day so it was spent playing, watching cartoons, and just being lazy.  We got some great video of Peyton in her doorway jumper, she must have overheard us laughing at Owen and didn't want to be upstaged.  She has finally really figured out how to jump in it and let me tell you, that. kid. can. jump!  I was a little worried because she had a fever all day, but it must have just been teething related because she acted like she felt fine (unlike her Mommy).  Once again I was in bed by 9pm and with the rain coming down it took me about 30 seconds to fall asleep! 

Now we begin the work week (again).  Hopefully it will go by fast.  I'm excited about taking Peyton to the Harvest Festival next weekend.  It's looking like PERFECT weather to be outside!  Now for some weekend pics...

Play Time with Owen!

At Mommy's Reunion Picnic

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