Saturday, September 11, 2010

My 28th Birthday!

Today was my 28th birthday, I can't believe I'm so close to 30!  So far, this has been one of my best birthdays ever.  I haven't done too much, but it's been perfect.  On Thursday my husband told me to come straight home Friday and not worry about picking up Peyton.  So on Friday I came home and he told me he was taking me on a date.  We went to Bahama Breeze (after a quick trip to see my baby girl of course) and had some Cuban Bread, Shrimp and Grits (see below), and beer!  Then he took me to the mall and told me to buy a few things for MYSELF.  Granted, I had to buy Peyton a few things but I did get my self some stuff as well. 

Today (my actual birthday) Edwin got up with Peyton and let me SLEEP IN!  I got to sleep until 7:45am...if you have kids then you know that's really sleeping in!  He had breakfast ready for me once I got Peyton down for her 8am nap and then did some major cleaning during the afternoon.  Peyton must have known it was Mommy's birthday too because she took a 2 1/2 hour nap in the morning then a 2 hour nap in the afternoon!  Once Peyton woke up we went to my parents house for a cookout and some homemade Milky Way ice cream (my special request).  It was the perfect day!  Here are a few pics from today :)

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